glpenleyphotographyG.L. Penley is an active, passionate photographer who does birding and bird photography wherever he travels. You will seldom see Gary without his cameras and binoculars. He has traveled to many places in USA and internationally. One of his most recent trips included traveling to Panama in Central America where he was able to photograph many new, interesting and beautiful birds of the tropics. Earlier he traveled to Israel for 10 days and was able to photograph many unique birds that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. He also traveled to the Bahamas and to Costa Rica to go through the rainforest jungle plus he took a boat ride through the Panama Canal and back into the jungle.

Gary also travels to various parts of the United States at different times of the year such as spring and fall migration time; he has visited and photographed birds in and around the Everglades National Park; the Chattahoochee River National Park; Jekyl Island, Georgia; southern California coastal lagoon and inland areas and Coronado Island. Gary spends a lot of time in Florida, photographing birds at places like Sanibel Island, Marco Island, The Villages, Boca Raton, the coastal waterways, Key West, and Naples in addition to multiple trips into the Everglades on land and water. The Colorado Rockies National Park and Colorado Springs are other special areas Gary visits in his pursuit of bird watching. His most recent trip was to Kauai, Hawaii where he spent 2 weeks birding all around the island and into the mountains. He hired a guide to take him back into the world’s highest altitude swamp, bog and wilderness area in pursuit of photographing endangered and endemic species of birds like the Apapane, I’iwi, Elepaio, Pueo Owl, and Amakihi. He was able to get good results here also. Seeing and photographing the Barn Owl hunting the fields and sitting on a post was a once in lifetime experience for me. His pictures are great.

Gary has personally photographed over 600 kinds of birds and is always on the lookout for new birds to observe, listen to, and photograph. Gary shared that his trip to Panama and along the Panama Canal and into the jungle areas was one of his best and most rigorous trip yet, next to the 6 hours in the Kauai swamps and bogs. He enjoyed going into the jungles photographing the many unique tropical birds of Central America and islands. Gary's best bird photographing experience in 2014 was his trip to the Everglades National Park which also included being taken out to sea with an experienced guide and birder around various islands and waterways to experience, see, hear and photograph 1,000s of water birds. The unique birds and major flocks of birds he and his wife Judy saw and photographed was an awesome experience. We also saw a 12 foot croc, numerous gators and other wild life. "Birding is a terrific hobby where each day is anew, bringing with it new birds to find, see, learn about and photograph". July 2014


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